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Our team of child law solicitors in London has experience in all aspects of disputes involving children and international issues such as relocation.

When a marriage or relationship breaks down parents are often in agreement that they want what’s best for their children. The difficulty is that parents often have very different ideas on what is 'best' for their children.

As child law lawyers in London, we are able to assist and guide our clients when it comes time to try and reach a negotiated agreement.

The parties must try and reach agreement but if this is not possible then provided one party has attended a mediation session (known as a MIAMS) a Court can be asked to make Orders in relation to children on a wide range of matters.

The Court can make Orders with respect to parental responsibility, as well as where the child will live and the time they should spend with the other parent.

The Court can also prevent an action such as removing a child from the jurisdiction without the Court’s consent, and make Orders in relation to specific issues such as religion, medical treatment, surnames and education.

Our child law solicitors also have expertise on international aspects such as when one parent wishes to relocate to an overseas jurisdiction.

It is essential to seek advice from child law lawyers early because sometimes delays in taking legal advice can impact on the future care arrangements for the children, particularly in the early stages of separation, when parents are still trying to find their feet.

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