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Whilst the process of obtaining a divorce can sometimes be seen as largely a procedural process, it can however set the tone for future negotiations with respect to financial and children’s matters, and it may set the parties on a more amicable path if handled in the right manner. However if handled poorly it can inadvertently antagonise spouses or partners which may make it harder to agree wider issues.

We are experienced at advising clients when it comes time to apply to the Court for divorce or a dissolution of their Civil Partnership. We are very experienced in working on divorce settlements and civil partnership agreements, and so we are the perfect people to help you along your difficult journey.

If you are considering applying for divorce or a dissolution of a Civil Partnership, our family team who are experienced divorce solicitors and Civil Partnership solicitors are able to ensure that your application and grounds relied upon are drafted correctly to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If you should receive a Petition for either divorce or dissolution of a Civil Partnership, it is important that you seek advice as quickly as possible to ensure that you are not prejudiced either in the divorce or in any other proceedings which may follow, such as financial, children and injunction proceedings.

Contact our team of divorce lawyers or Civil Partnership lawyers today to see how we can assist you with your divorce or the dissolution of your Civil Partnership.

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