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Family Lawyers for Men

Family Law for Men 1Divorce can be a very difficult time and many people are often unsure where to start.

We can advise you on the options available and guide you through every step of the process.

Although we have a great passion for providing representation to our male clients, this does not remove our commitment to representing women or achieving the best results possible across the board.

We actively promote equality throughout our firm, respecting and representing both men and women in an equally effective manner.

"The team at Fletcher Day are very passionate about providing comprehensive guidance to men throughout the whole process of their divorce."

Our team of experts have a wealth of experience in working with clients on a whole range of different cases and are committed to helping you to achieve the best results possible.

Our specialist team of divorce lawyers for men have achieved some truly remarkable results by pushing legal boundaries and ensuring justice for every single one of their clients.

By implementing a focus on men and their needs, we are able to dedicate our work to providing a level of equality to a process that needs both care and attention to achieve the best results possible.

In acting for men, we regularly come across the following issues:

  • Children being used as leverage for money
  • Children being told inappropriate things about their Fathers by their Mothers
  • Wives seeking to turn children against their fathers
  • Wives seeking unjustifiable, unnecessary or unreasonable financial settlements from Husbands
  • Fathers and Husbands feeling pressured to pay more money because they think that is what is expected of them by the Courts
  • Fathers and Husbands being too afraid to stand up for the rights of their children to have a relationship with them

Some of these issues are borne out of the fact that it is commonly (but not exclusively) wives who retain care of the children and fathers who provide financial support.

Why Choose Fletcher Day

  • Having been established in 2009, Fletcher Day has seen rapid growth to become a leading UK law firm with both national and international clients.
  • As an experienced law firm, Fletcher Day are passionate about achieving positive results for all of our clients, battling to protect fathers throughout all family law cases.
  • At Fletcher Day, we know what it means to fight for what you believe in and we believe there is no more of an important fight than the fight for your family and for everything you have worked so hard to protect.
  • Fletcher Day provide full service support and representation to our clients, helping to portray them in a way that disrupts typical stereotypes that men may usually face.
  • Using all of the resources and expertise that we have available to us, Fletcher Day provides an excellent service with a considered approach to all of our clients and their requirements.

Family Law department Partner – Karim Assaad

Family Law for Men 2Karim is a partner within our Family department here at Fletcher Day, with many years of knowledge and experience in representing men in family law cases.

"Karim specialises in guiding men and fathers through their particular family law cases, giving thorough advice throughout the process."

Having worked on a wide range of different family law cases, Karim is aware of how to approach individuals during some of the most difficult and sensitive times of their lives.

Combining his expert knowledge and industry expertise, Karim has a deep understanding of the unique issues faced by fathers and husbands and is able to provide pragmatic and no-nonsense advice.

He has many years’ experience in both matrimonial and children disputes at all levels, many with an international or jurisdictional element. Men from all backgrounds have entrusted Karim with the things that matter most them – their families, their finances and their future.

As part of his practice, Karim works tirelessly to see his clients receive a just and fair outcome and is not afraid to push boundaries to achieve those outcomes.

Karim is currently involved in representing men in several cases both at the High Court and in the County Court involving multiple assets and complicated jurisdictional issues.

One of Karim’s cases was recently featured in the National Press on the issue of secrecy within the family law courts - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4527552/Father-begs-judges-reveal-details-court-battle.html

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To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your circumstances and to see how we can help, please contact Karim today on +44 (0)20 7870 3886 or at karim@fletcherday.co.uk.

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Karim Assaad


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