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Fletcher Day’s business immigration Lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) rules and with our client centered approach, we are your ultimate business immigration partners.

We offer strategic, commercially driven advice on every business immigration matter; whether you are a high net worth individual wanting to invest in the UK, an entrepreneur looking to launch a business venture, a UK business recruiting non-UK talent, or a multinational corporation transferring employees to the UK. Our business immigration Solicitors will listen to your immigration needs, identify your Visa or sponsorship requirements and support you through the entire application process from collating the relevant documentation, to submitting your application and following up on the outcome with UKVI.

Our Lawyers understand that your business immigration needs do not end with the application process and so developing a long-term relationship with your business is our goal. From the outset, we consider your long-term needs and our immigration Solicitors keep abreast of every change to the UKVI rules, whether large or small. In this way, we can advise your business on compliance matters over the life of your Visa or Sponsor Licence and where needed, ensure you remain compliant with Settlement criteria for any prospective application.

If you would like an informal chat with one of our team or further advice on your application for an Investor Visa, Start-up Visa, Innovator Visa, Exceptional Talent Visa, Sole-Representative Visa, Tier 2 Visa or a Sponsor Licence, please call our business immigration Solicitors in London on +44 (0)207766 5260 or fill in our contact form.

Investor Visa

Aimed at high-net-worth individuals who have £2 million plus to invest in qualifying UK investments, the Investor Visa provides an option for you and your family to obtain British Citizenship. We will work closely with your advisors, ensuring your visa application is processed quickly and smoothly. In addition, we can continue to advise you over the life of your Tier 1 Investor Visa, making sure your investment portfolio remains compliant with Settlement criteria. Our team can also make valuable introductions to estate agents, wealth advisors, banks, and private schools.

Start-up Visa (replacing Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa)

Replacing the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa, the UK Start-up Visa provides an entry route for those at the beginning stages of launching their business venture. Applicants must prove they have been endorsed by approved endorsement bodies, have a credible business plan, and meet the English language requirements. Not only can our team advise you on the requirements for an endorsement, but they will collaborate with our commercial property, corporate, and employment law departments to ensure you receive all the legal advice you need to succeed in your venture.

Innovator Visa (replacing Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa)

As the world’s fifth largest economy, the UK is a prime location to launch a new venture. The Innovator Visa replaces the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa and is designed to provide entry and a route to Settlement for those who want to grow their enterprise both within the UK and internationally. Applicants must have a minimum of £50,000 in investment funds, receive an endorsement from an approved body, present a clear business plan and pass the English language requirement. Our immigration Solicitors will work closely with you to assist applicants in meeting these criteria. In addition, the immigration team will provide a full business law service by introducing you to our commercial property, corporate and employment law departments.

Exceptional Talent Visa

For people who show exceptional talent or promise in the arts, science, humanities, tech, or medicine, the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa provides an entry route into the UK. Successful applicants can work as a freelancer or be self-employed and can apply for Settlement after a qualifying period. Our immigration Solicitors can assist you with seeking endorsement and submitting your application. As a full-service commercial law firm, we can also look after all your business law needs, such as negotiating contracts, protecting, and enforcing your intellectual property rights, and commercial property leases.

Sponsor Licence Applications

To recruit from outside the EEA, employers must hold a Tier 2 or 5 Sponsor Licence. Strict eligibility criteria apply. Our immigration Solicitors will come out to your premises and conduct a robust audit of your HR systems to ensure you meet Sponsor Licence compliance. We will also advise you on preparing for a Home Office visit and work with you to prepare a successful application, complete with the required supporting documentation. We will then assist you with acquiring your Certificates of Sponsorship and bringing identified talent into the UK on a Tier 2 Visa.

  • Sponsor Licence Compliance Support
    Obtaining a Tier 2 or 5 Sponsor Licence is only part of the process. The Home Office is careful to ensure every organisation with a Sponsor Licence remains fully compliant with its duties and responsibilities. Our immigration team can manage your Sponsor Management System on your behalf as well as undertake annual mock audits. This will assist you to remain compliant at all times and be calm and confident in the face of an unannounced Home Office compliance visit.

  • Sponsor Licence Suspension and Revocation
    Having your Sponsor Licence suspended or revoked can have devastating economic and reputational consequences, for you and your sponsored employees. We will provide an emergency response to any adverse action by the Home Office, advising you how to challenge a suspension or revocation or take immediate steps to implement action points to have the suspension lifted depending on your circumstances.

Tier 2 Visa

Our immigration Solicitors have successfully assisted highly skilled, talented applicants from multiple sectors to enter the UK on a Tier 2 Visa. Once we determine you meet the eligibility criteria, we can assist you and your family members to collate the required supporting documentation. Also, if our immigration team identify any potential weaknesses in your application, we can produce a covering letter to address these, and prevent unnecessary delays with UKVI.

Representative of an Overseas Business Visa (also known as Sole Representative Visa)

The Representative of an Overseas Business Visa allows non-EEA organisations to send a nominated senior employee to reside and work in the UK to establish a subsidiary or open a branch office. Our immigration Solicitors have advised organisations in multiple sectors. We will ensure your company’s application meets the eligibility criteria, including detailing the proposed visa holder’s extensive industry knowledge and evidence of the goal to establish a commercial presence in the UK.

Fletcher Day is a Legal 500 law firm and member of the International Business Law Consortium. We have offices in London and Manchester. To find out how we can advise and represent you on immigration matters, please phone +44 (0)20 7766 5260 or fill in our contact form.