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Q: My application for a new premises licence has been refused. How long do I have to appeal?

A: You have 21 days from (and including) the date of notification. “Notification” is normally when you were present at the licensing committee hearing to hear the decision. Otherwise it is 21 days form and including the date you received written notification of the decision. The appeal must be made to the correct local magistrates court.

Q: How many temporary events notices can I apply for each year?

A: 12 times per calendar year or for more than 21 days per year for each premises and for more than 21 days per year. There must be at least 24 hours between each event. A non-personal licence holder can give five temporary events notices a year regardless of whether the event includes alcohol. However, a personal licence holder can apply for 50 temporary events notices a year.

Q: Will I need a licence for my online gambling website?

A: If you want to run a gambling service through remote communication (including online gambling), and any part of your remote gambling equipment is based in Great Britain, you may have to apply to the Gambling Commission for each type of gambling activity you want to run, such as betting, bingo, casino games, gambling software and lotteries. You will also need any relevant personal licences.

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