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A Will is more than a means of setting out how your estate should be distributed after your death – it can be a tool to make sure that your assets are dealt with in a tax efficient manner and in a way that will ensure that the important people in your life are looked after.

We advise people who understand the benefits of planning ahead to ensure that the assets accumulated over a lifetime of hard work pass to the heirs they have chosen, without dispute, and with as little as possible delay or expense, whether death occurs unexpectedly early or in old age.

If you die without a Will then your assets will be distributed in accordance with the statutory rules of intestacy to your closest relatives in strict shares and order of priority, fixed by law, which may well not be what you would have wanted. It is therefore sensible to have a Will which truly reflects your wishes and circumstances and to review this from time to time.

We have advised people with estates ranging from the very large to the very small, with equal care. Our clients reflect the diversity of today’s society, both British and international, and they come from many fields of employment or business activity. Typically they are seeking to protect their families or businesses from unexpected death and in the long run to minimise inheritance tax.

We also offer a Will review service to ensure that the information relating to people mentioned in your Will, as well as any assets, are kept up to date as it is likely that over time, some of the details may change.

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