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Late Night Levy

Late Night Levy

Published: 3 March 2016

What do the London Borough of Camden, Islington and City of London all have in common? The answer is that they have all introduced a Late Night Levy.

Camden Council voted to introduce a Late Night Levy from 25th April 2016 which means that operators opening between midnight and 6:00am will be ordered to pay up to £4,400 a year to the Local Authority.

Lights Out in London

Lights Out in London

Published: 29 July 2015

Balancing the needs of residents with a vibrant night time economy is one of the headaches frequently facing Local Authorities up and down the country.  Hackney Council has gone so far as to propose a new bylaw that could see venues close at 11pm and prevent any new licences being granted in certain stress areas, such as Shoreditch.

Personal Licences

Published: 2 April 2015

From 1 April 2015, the requirement to renew a personal licence was abolished. As long as your personal licence did not expire before 1 April 2015, there is no need to make an application to renew it.  Although a personal licence will show an expiry date, it will continue indefinitely.

Licensees are Too Scared to Call the Police

Published: 14 January 2015

Licensees in Warrington claim they will no longer call the police when there are incidents at their premises for fear that it will be used as evidence against them in licensing reviews.

World Cup 2014 News!

World Cup 2014 News!

Published: 12 May 2014

Today, following a debate in both houses, the House of Commons and the House of Lords approved the relaxation of licensing hours for the 2014 World Cup, being staged in Brazil.

Off-Licence Saved from Revocation

Off-Licence Saved from Revocation

Published: 21 October 2013

Whether you agree with the practice employed by Trading Standards officers to make undercover test purchases to catch out the unwary, it remains a tried and tested way for local councils to ensure that their licensees are complying with the law.

The Permanent Guide to Temporary Events Notices

Published: 16 February 2013

It should be relatively simple to get a TEN, but the application process is paved with pitfalls.  Maria Guida,Partner and Head of Licensing explains the problems which range from not giving enough notice, service on the wrong parties and misunderstanding the rules on late applications.

Live Music Act Reprise

Published: 23 January 2013

As we reported on in our earlier artcle on live music and recorded music, the Live Music Act came into effect in October last year.

Music to My Ears (Reprise)

Published: 17 January 2013

As we reported on in our earlier artcle on live music and recorded music, http://fdlicensing.com/2012/10/06/music-to-their-ears-musicians-and-pubs-alike-celebrate-as-restrictions-on-live-music-are-lifted/ the Live Music Act came into effect in October last year.

Irresponsible Drinks Promotions

Published: 8 November 2012

In these difficult trading times many clubs and bars like to offer cheap drinks offers in order to boost sales.

Music to Their Ears: Live Music Restrictions Lifted

Published: 11 October 2012

Pubs and other venues have been celebrating since the Live Music Act went live this October. Smaller venues with an audience of 200 or less  no longer need a licence to stage live music.