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Cyril is a Partner in the firm’s Employment department. He has over 20 years’ experience in advising clients on national and international matters relating to their employment, business, commercial and immigration issues. He covers all aspects of human resources advice and training to employers including practical advice on equality and diversity policies and procedures.

Cyril has advised national corporations, blue-chip companies and public sector employers including NHS Trusts on their HR policies and procedures, as well as representing employers at employment tribunals. Cyril is also experienced in handling high value termination contracts for senior executives as well as being a skilled negotiator on behalf of respondent companies. He has acted as advocate on behalf of clients at the employment tribunal, employment appeal tribunal and county courts. He has also represented clients in High Court and Court of Appeal actions.

He is well versed with government departments in the UK and abroad, having been a civil servant at the Department of Employment and then a Higher Executive Officer at the Commission for Racial Equality for many years before entering private practice.

Having worked on immigration applications and business transactions in the UK and abroad, he has experience of business, cultural, diplomatic, social and political awareness and an understanding to assist international clients in achieving their objectives.

Cyril is a member of the Employment Lawyers’ Association, Disability Discrimination Lawyers’ Association, The Law Society’s Firms’ Equality and Diversity Forum and the Employment Tribunal Users’ Group at London Central and Watford Tribunals. He is a Trustee of Harrow Law Centre.

Cyril is bilingual in French and English.

What Clients Say About Cyril

“Cyril is truly brilliant, he maintained a wonderful calming influence. Cyril is so kind, gracious, he is soft spoken, he has tremendous patience, also, he has an incredible soothing manner & positive attitude: which has been highly beneficial to me during the times when my anxieties & frustrations have been at an all-time high."

"Cyril is impressively skilled and remarkably knowledgeable in law, he exhibits excellent problem solving abilities. His professional conduct is commendable & he goes the extra mile to explain & reassure."

"Cyril is a rare individual whom I have the upmost respect and trust”.

"I chose Cyril as an employment lawyer to help me review a contract - he managed to spot a few issues with the non-competes in the legal documents, which we manage to remove - this effectively allowed me to start work 3 months earlier! I was very happy with my dealings with him, very professional and to the point!"

Cyril Dennemont

Cyril Dennemont


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